Artificial Intelligence Resources: Workplace & Commercial Real Estate

Our work-in-progress (WIP) resource library of helpful resources on artificial intelligence, smart buildings, and commercial real estate.

Artificial Intelligence Resources: Workplace & Commercial Real Estate
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We're compiling a working list of resources focused on artificial intelligence in workplace and commercial real estate. Our aim is to help professionals in CRE, workplace, facilities operations, and smart buildings, access useful content as they advance their AI journeys.  

Beyond content on finding practical use cases and approaches, we're also capturing information on broader trends: how AI is shaping industries, improving safety, changing jobs, and creating new job opportunities.

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AI Resources for Real Estate Professionals

Generative AI for Real Estate People: Online course from Antony Slumbers, a leading voice in the proptech community.

iOFFICE: Highlights five key takeaways for using artificial intelligence in the workplace, including robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent space planning​​.

AI Resources on Work and Productivity

U.S. Department of Labor Blog: Discusses how AI can be developed and used responsibly in the workplace to improve workers' lives and mitigate potential harms​​.

Marquette University: Explores the benefits of AI in the workplace, such as productivity gains in research, data analysis, and document processing, and how AI complements jobs rather than substituting them​​.

CDC's NIOSH Science Blog: Offers insights on AI's role in the future of work, including ethical considerations and the integration of AI in daily operations​​.

Stanford News: Addresses the artificial intelligence revolution in the workplace, comparing it with past labor and tech disruptions, and discussing the best results coming from humans supported by intelligent machines​​.

CIPD's AI in the Workplace: Offers the latest webinars, blogs, papers, and though leadership pieces on artificial intelligence in the workplace.

UiPath Blog: Shares the latest trends in artificial intelligence, automation of complex business processes, and maximizing AI benefits across the enterprise​​.

The Economic Impact of AI

Avanade Insights Blog: Provides articles on how generative AI impacts various industries.

RAND Blog: Addresses the use of AI and its implications on workforce management, policy discussions, and the challenges of generative AI​​.

Academic Papers & Research on AI

Best friend or broken tool? Exploring the co-existence of humans and artificial intelligence in the workplace ecosystem (2022): Discusses potential outcomes of how humans and AI will collaborate and co-exist within the workplace.

Preparing to work with artificial intelligence: assessing WHS when using AI in the workplace (2023): Explores the potential impact of AI as it pertains to workplace health and safety.

The impact of AI on the workplace: Evidence from OECD case studies of AI implementation (2023): Reviews the impact to date from adoption of AI in the workplace setting, finding that so reorganization is more common than job displacement.

General & Misc. AI Resources

Lessons from My First Two Years of AI Research: Tom Silver provides an exhaustive account of events and interactions, giving you a first-hand look at what it's like to be in the throes of deep AI research.

Institute of Data: Discusses how AI and machine learning can improve workplace safety through workforce and equipment surveillance​​.

Seegrid: Explores the impact of AI and robotics in creating employment opportunities and boosting efficiency in material handling facilities​​.

EU Business School: Offers perspectives on improving the workplace with artificial intelligence, covering various aspects of AI and its interdisciplinary applications​​.

Dialpad: Provides a quick guide on artificial intelligence in the workplace, focusing on AI's benefits like time savings, cost savings, increased productivity, and less "busywork"​​.

Future of Work Hub: Discusses the challenges and management of generative AI in the workplace, including the risks of unexpected output and plagiarism​​.