Funding news: On a mission to make buildings smarter

Big news! To help make buildings smarter and more sustainable, we raised funding from leading investors, including Haystack, Altcapital, KFund, and Jetstream.

Funding news: On a mission to make buildings smarter
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

My co-founder, David, and I are excited to share a significant update from the Trebellar team. We recently secured $3.5 million in new funding from proven early-stage investors: Haystack, KFund, Jetstream, and Altcapital.

This milestone will help us advance our mission to revolutionize how buildings are operated while driving sustainable practices that lessen climate impact over time. And we're grateful to our new investors for joining us on this journey.

As co-founder of Trebellar, I wanted to offer a peek into our background, our vision, how we’ll use the new funding, and what lies ahead.

👉 If you'd like to connect with us live, next Wednesday we're hosting a Virtual Open House + Demo. We hope to see you there!

Our vision

In early 2022, David and I quit our respective corporate jobs at Google and Salesforce. Our friends and family were shocked – but also supportive. We had spent months tinkering with a variety of smart-home devices we had each accumulated during the pandemic. Being engineers at heart, we wanted to see what was possible when you brought together disparate systems that otherwise didn’t talk to each other. (Yes, we’re nerds.) At the time, we envisioned a single interface for the home that anticipated needs and responded in real-time.

Along the way, we met some remarkable mentors and advocates who were trying to solve a similar set of problems in the corporate space. We also stumbled upon a startling statistic: 40% of global carbon emissions originate from the built environment. What if we could help organizations turn their under-utilized building data into better outcomes? There’d only be upside, right?

While neither of us have a background in smart buildings or commercial real estate, we knew distributed systems and enterprise software like the back of our hand. Trebellar was born.

Customer success & growth

We wouldn’t be here celebrating this milestone without our early customers. So THANK YOU to all the folks in facilities management, workplace, IT, and real estate who provided feedback and helped us identify key problems to solve through Trebellar’s software. Just one example: our first customer was the inspiration behind us building workflow automation for FM teams.

Above all else, we’ll be using the new funding to support our customers. This means making thoughtful investments in headcount, enhancing our software capabilities, and delivering top-notch support to our existing customers.

Ensuring customer success will also mean doubling down on our product and engineering investments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and conversational UI/UX. Simply put, at a certain scale there’s simply too much data to digest via visual means, such as dashboards. We’ve got some really exciting things in the works on this front, so please stay tuned :)

In sum, we're humbled and excited to welcome our new investors – and our product focus remains unchanged: build beautiful, easy-to-use software that helps teams reduce costs, save time, and advance ESG/climate goals.

We’re hiring!

As we embark on this next phase, we are actively seeking exceptional individuals to join us. If you are passionate about shaping the future of smart buildings and want to work with a hard-working and humble team, we encourage you to explore our open roles.

Thank you for your support as we continue on this remarkable journey. Be sure to stay connected by subscribing to our newsletter and/or following us on Twitter and LinkedIn. Together, let's create a world where technology and sustainability seamlessly coexist.

Stay tuned!


Diego Ferreiro Val
CEO & Co-founder, Trebellar